Speech & Language Therapy Services

Assessment process

We begin with the initial assessment appointment. This typically includes:

At the end of the assessment session:

Provided after the initial assessment session:

including case history, may take up to 2 sessions (2 hours).

Each session is usually delivered:

Circumstances or through the internet (Telespeech therapy practice)

Review/monitoring sessions are carried out following:


Children will be discharged from the practice:

All decisions about therapy are made following joint discussions. Before discharge well discuss the best way for you to maintain your childs progress. Children can be re-referred to the practice if further concerns develop.

Working hours

I work with clients on Wednesdays and Fridays between 9 AM (CET) and 6 PM (CET).

Telephone calls are answered until 7 PM (CET) on all days.

Terms and conditions


Fees are to be paid in advance of each session. Payment can be made by cash or cheque.


Receipts are issued on request for each payment received.

Cancellation of appointments

Standard consultation

Letters, short reports and treatment programs

What can be done
Online Speech Therapy
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